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Common Yellow Book and Single Audit Deficiencies (LIAA12/23)

Event Description

This course will review focus areas for peer review for Single Audits and Yellow Book engagements. We will review the requirements for major program determination, testing compliance, testing internal controls over compliance, sampling, and reporting for Single Audits. We also address Yellow Book CPE and independence requirements. This course will provide an overview of common deficiencies found during peer review and how entities can effectively and efficiently avoid these issues when performing these procedures.

Designed For

Ideal for accountants in public practice who serve governmental and nonprofit entities


  • Recall threats to independence in GAGAS
  • Perform a major program determination compliant with the Uniform Guidance
  • Properly identify internal controls over compliance
  • Compare internal controls over compliance with compliance tests
  • List the reporting requirements for Single Audits 
  • Describe CPE requirements for Yellow Book engagements

Major Subjects

  • Major Program Determination
  • Internal Controls over Compliance
  • Sampling & Reporting
  • Yellow Book Independence & CPE