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C03 – The History of Investing (LIVESTREAM) (LIOT74/21)

Event Description

You hear it all the time. Financial products are becoming more complex. Diversification has changed. Our approach to investing has changed. What does all this mean? In this course, we will explore how investment theory has changed over time from Markowitz to Factor Investing. Using examples and practical applications, we will talk about how our modern notions of portfolio building have developed throughout history.

Designed For

CPA’s who are involved with the investment functions of their companies, as well as financial advisors who manage client portfolios.


  • Identify the contributions of Harry Markowitz to Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Recognize how the concept of diversification has changed over time
  • Distinguish between the major factor investing models

Major Subjects

  • Early Concepts of Investment Management
  • Gordon Growth Model
  • Harry Markowitz: Risk Return Trade-Off
  • Fama & French: Factor Modeling
  • Which factors are better?


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