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Business Tax Developments (LITX47/24)

Event Description

Federal tax compliance is required for a successful business. Many say the tax law is complex. That is, no doubt, true and that complexity is increased by constant changes: the IRS, Tax Court, Congress . . . all making and interpreting tax rules. You must keep up with those changes in order to be a valuable advisor to your clients.

Designed For

CPAs, EAs, Attorneys and others who provide tax advice to businesses operating in the U.S.


To be informed about changes in the law that might benefit my client. Know requirements for new forms. Know l rules for separating a business’s affairs from those of its owner’s. Be informed about court decisions and IRS rulings affecting a business or all businesses.

Major Subjects

When are items of income and expense recognized for income tax purposes? Special conditions allowing for tax credits. Temporary availability of tax credits. Changes in tax law and expiration dates for enhanced deductions. Potential benefit of changes in accounting methods.