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Business Development and Marketing Considerations (LIOT04/24)

Event Description

Starting a new business is overwhelming! There are so many things to think about! We talk about how to setup from an accounting, compliance, and regulatory perspective. However, what about marketing? What about getting new clients? I know what you are thinking.I am not a marketing person! When you are in business for yourself though, you have to be a marketing person! There is no one else! So what do you do? In this course, Dave talks about how a non-marketing person can develop relationships and build a client base. It is marketing and business development for financial professionals!

Designed For

CPAs who are new business owners or involved in start-up businesses.


  • State how to develop business relationships when starting a new business
  • Identify considerations when developing a marketing plan for a new business 
  • Recognize how to develop a successful social media campaign