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Building a Better Team – Being a Better Manager (LIOT07/24)

Event Description

When stepping into a leadership role in the accounting profession, many practitioners are surprised to see how their job shifts from being less about analysis and more about people. In many ways, accounting skills take a backseat to the ability to build a positive culture and increase engagement. In this course, we will utilize research and survey results to help identify the qualities of a top manager. We will use case studies to identify how leadership skills may be used in real life situations to build a better company culture.

Designed For

CPAs in management roles who are looking to improve their company culture and their teams


  • Identify the attributes of a good manager according to research and surveys.
  • Identify ways to increase employee engagement in the workplace.
  • Apply techniques to build relationships and increase engagement to a case study scenario.

Major Subjects

  • Research/surveys – characteristics of a good manager 
  • Team building 
  • Challenge of management & culture 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Workplace relationships
  • Agency theory & performance-based pay 
  • Dealing with problem employees 
  • Best practices for employee termination 
  • Summing it up – who is a good manager?