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If you get a “gut feeling” of something just isn’t right at work or think something is suspicious, and you’re looking for a way to analyze that feeling, Benford’s Law may help you.  Benford’s Law is a mathematical law/logarithm that all of nature falls into and may help you seek instances outside the natural form.

Designed For

Anyone in a line of work that is interested in digging deeper into numbers and patterns to find the “why”.


  • Understand how to use Benford’s Law in accounting and how it applies to natural numbers.

Major Subjects

Want to know why good music just sounds right? Or why ballet, when performed correctly, is so beautiful?  How about why people say “it’s in the numbers!”  Well that’s because Benford’s Law allows us to analyze not only accounting numbers and financial books, but human behavior to determine what is “natural.”  We’ll take a look at how to apply Benford’s law to accounting books to find oddities as well as relevant statistics in today’s world.