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Behavioral Ethics: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (LIET10/24)

Event Description

This behavioral ethics course provides guidance for identifying ethical dilemmas and how to make decisions when there are ethical considerations. This course uses a modern-day lens to address real world ethical questions. We will look at the role of leadership and company culture as influencers for day-to-day ethical decision making.

Designed For

Anyone in a leadership or management role in an organization, or who is involved with the day-to-day operations. Any accountant or CPA who is an advisor to an organization and wants a better understanding of an organization’s vulnerabilities and how to better navigate ethical dilemmas.


Better understanding of ethics and the close relationship with leadership and culture, and why ethical dilemmas occur; awareness of the different ethical lens and framework that might be applied to a situation; and tools to improve ethical decision making.

Major Subjects

This course will include a general discussion about ethics, ethical reasoning and why good people make potentially bad choices, and the role of leadership and company culture in the day-to-day decisions that are made. Through videos and case studies we will discuss ethical dilemmas and the consequences of behavior and decisions, and steps to improve your ethical reasoning and decision-making skills.