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Event Description

This course focuses on explaining the theory behind major issues and trends, enabling professionals to understand the most important aspects of relevant professional standards related to audit and other attest services.

Designed For

Public accountants at all levels interested in remaining current on professional and regulatory requirements for performing various services for clients 

 CPAs in public accounting and industry accountants subject to financial statement audit


  • Describe “hot topics” in the audit and attestation profession
  • Explain how to manage risk associated with audit and nonaudit services
  • Describe important changes yet to be effective
  • Discuss practical examples of implementing changing professional and relevant regulatory requirements 

Major Subjects

  • Frequently asked questions related to the latest revisions to the SSARSs 
  • Major enhancements to the latest attestation standards contained in SSAEs
  • Recent revisions to generally accepted auditing standards 
  • Other matters that should be on your radar