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An Accountants’ Guide to Reading and Interpreting Estate and Trust Documents (LITX29/24)

Event Description

This program focuses on common terminology used in estate and trust documents in order to assist accountants in dealing with estate and trust issues for clients.

Designed For

CPAs, and Eas preparing the estate and trust tax returns as well as those advising clients on issues related to estate and trust documents.


After completing the course participants will have the ability to interpret common legal language used in will and trusts including the legal ,implications for heirs including child and spousal issues and the potential tax implications of certain language.

Major Subjects

The program will provide an overview of important terminology in both estates and trusts and how they apply in certain situations. It will include the implication of legal language in wills and trust instruments as well as a discussion of child and spousal issues. It will touch on intestate issues and the tax implications of certain language.