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Agribusiness Seminar by SC Department of Agriculture and Adams and Reese (CTSK02/24)

Event Description


Newbies and Agribusiness Seminar SC Department of Agriculture and Adams and Reese
The seminar is split in two; the first session provides lectures on state economic development incentives for “newbies;” it covers state tax and other incentives; the second session covers agribusinesses; it provides information on little known agricultural tax and other incentives 

Designed For

Economic Development Professionals (public and private sector)


Hour 1: state tax incentives for economic development; overview of state taxation; Department of Commerce state tax and grant incentives 
Hour 2: Department of Commerce LocateSC internet map and site selection technical issues
Hour 3: Dept of Agriculture’s role in economic development; environmental law update; SC Farm Bureau land trust and tax incentives for conservation easements; 
Hour 4: agriculture state tax and grant incentives; SCATE (new registration program for state tax exemptions); agricultural case law update (3 recent sales tax cases)