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Event Description

A federal income tax update focused primarily on developments after November 2018.  Topics are selected for their applicability and likely interest to CPAs who are assisting clients with identifying, planning for, and complying with complex Federal income tax matters affecting individual income tax returns.

Program Includes:
• Tax planning opportunities and how to take advantage of them with minimal audit risk
• TCJA 2017 Guidance… Regulations, Revenue Rulings, Notices and Revenue Procedures
   o Limits on losses
   o Cash method of accounting
• Court decisions affecting individual Federal income tax planning and compliance
• Explanation of IRS Publication 4557 and your responsibility for protecting client data
• Medicare and Social Security information every tax advisor should understand
• Schedule C Issues…199A…depreciation and cost recovery

Designed For

Designed for: CPAs with Federal income tax preparation experience and direct client/employer responsibility for application of the law to an individual’s planning and compliance needs.


Learning Objectives:
• Take advantage of changes in the law for your clients benefit…
   o Defer income
   o Take advantage of low tax rates
   o Simplify tax law compliance
   o Get maximum benefits from tax deductions
• Document compliance with the law
• Avoid IRS “Hot Buttons”
• Follow IRS “Safe Harbor” guidance on complex issues

Discussion Leaders

Anthony Rocca, CPA

E. Nichols, CPA

Dean Cochenour, CPA, MBA