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Accounting Robots: The Next Big Opportunity for Accounting Firms (LIMG04/23)

Event Description

Want to learn in depth details about accounting robots (RPA)? and how it is slowly but surely transforming the accounting industry? You will get to see real-life scenarios of robots completing time-consuming accounting tasks.

How do you know which accounting processes are automatable by robots? Are robots a good match for your firm? What about ROI and implementation cost? Can you pass the affordability test as a small or mid-sized accounting firm? Find answers to all these questions. 

Designed For

Ideal for people who don’t know about robotic process automation and AI. Intended for accounting firms, bookkeeping firms and companies with accounting departments.


What is robotic process automation and AI
What are accounting robots and how do they work
What areas can Accounting robots be used
What is the ROI and implementation timeline