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A&A Update for Beginners: Best Practices for New Auditors (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA33/21)

Event Description

Many new accountants and others desire to have a quick overview of current and emerging issues and changes in accounting, auditing and other attest standards – to know what should be on their radar for further understanding.  This course will provide a “big picture” overview of the most important elements of updates in U.S. GAAP and generally accepted auditing and other attest standards.

Designed For

New accountants and others who desire to have a practical understanding of the big picture impact of accounting and auditing changes

CPAs in public accounting and industry accountants subject to financial statement audit


  • Describe the highlights of recent accounting, auditing and other attest standards activity  
  • Explain why new accounting standards were released, and the most significant impact on financial reporting  
  • Discuss any changes in the nature of services that public accountants can provide to clients  
  • Describe the most important changes impacting accounting and auditing standards

Major Subjects

  • Executive summary of the most important aspects of recently released accounting, auditing and other attest standards
  • Timeline for effectives dates, to enable accountants and others to prioritize further in-depth training