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A05 – Conservation Easement Charitable Contributions (LIVESTREAM) (LITX80/21)

Event Description

The IRS is attacking partnerships that make conservation easement donation to charities in many ways, such as labeling them as “listed transactions”, launching a compliance campaign, seeking a permanent injunction, including them in the “dirty dozen” list, and more.  This presentation, by an attorney who is currently defending hundreds of easement disputes, explains the rules related to conservation easement donations, support by Congress for corresponding tax enticements, and 20 recent IRS enforcement actions, most of which are unknown by the public.

Enrolled Agent Approved

Designed For

Tax, accounting, and legal professionals


  • Understand the process, key documents, and tax issues related to conservation easement donations
  • Understand the legislative history of this tax incentive
  • Understand the unique IRS enforcement actions in this area

Major Subjects

This presentation will explain

  • the major rules and materials applicable to conservation easement donations
  • the evolving support by Congress of this tax incentive over five decades
  • specialized IRS enforcement actions unique to this area, many of which are extreme and obscure
  • the terms of the recent Settlement Initiative
  • anticipated future developments


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