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A Culture of Regulatory Ethics: Make A Competitive Advantage (LIVESTREAM) (LIET06R/22)

Event Description

How often do you and your employees put ethics at the forefront of discussions about the decisions being made? On a daily basis, decisions are made, good or bad, that define who you are and define your organization. While your employees may be aware on some level, do they truly realize the impact of the decisions they are making? More importantly, what is the risk to your company if they don’t?

Designed For

Anyone in a leadership role in an organization, or who is involved with the day-to-day operations of an organization. Any CPA who is an advisor to an organization and wants a better understanding of an organization’s vulnerabilities and how to better address  ethical dilemmas.


  • Better understanding of ethics and culture, and why ethical dilemmas occur
  • Awareness of the different ethical lens that might be applied to a situation
  • Active use of the stakeholder analysis in decision making
  • Tools to improve ethical decision making

Major Subjects

  • Ethics, Ethical Reasoning and Why Good People Make Potentially Bad Choices
  • The Stakeholder Analysis and Consequences of Behavior and Decisions
  • Steps to Improve Your Ethical Reasoning and Decision-Making Skills