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Event Description

Purpose of the Form and each supporting Schedule

Discussion of current IRS enforcement activity with respect to the Form, including published guidance, litigation, and informal guidance taken from talks by IRS personnel at conferences and on webcasts

Line-by-Line review of basic Form and all Schedules to identify information required, how best to report it, and recordkeeping “best practices”

Common tax issues:
– Public support
– Donor restrictions
– Unrelated Business Income
– Executive compensation

Designed For

CPAs and other tax professionals responsible for preparation of the annual Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax,” including all of its supporting schedules and documentation 

Individuals who participate in financial recordkeeping and tax compliance for tax exempt organizations


Learn how to maintain records and report information required by Form 990 and its supporting schedules.

Gain knowledge required to provide useful advice about federal income tax issues to an exempt organization and its Board members

Discussion Leader

Rosalyn Glenn, CPA