One part of Fall Fest you will certainly want to be a part of is our rewards store. At the SCACPAwards Shop, you can earn free Association-branded swag such:  

  • A 48-inch inverted umbrella 
  • Stainless steel insulated tumblers 
  • Charging stations 
  • Popsockets 
  • Bluetooth Ear Buds 
  • SCACPA stuffed puppy dolls 
  • Wilson Ultra 500 distance golf ball 3-pack 
  • Pro-weave sweatshirt blanket 
  • Jelly Belly tin 
  • 6.5-foot 3-in-1 Charging Cable in a Bottle
  • And more!

All the items are free — you just need to earn them through our Fall Fest Rewards points system. 

And earning points is easy — you’ll get them for activities you’ll be doing anyway. For example: 

Earn 10 points for: 

  • Sharing how much you enjoy Fall Fest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn 
  • Visiting vendor/sponsor booths 

Earn 20 points for: 

  • Visiting the SCACPA volunteer booth and signing up for a volunteer opportunity 
  • Going to Entertainment Night 

Earn 50 points for: 

  • Taking a photograph with a friend at the conference and emailing it to (limit four). 

You get the picture. Just do what you do best anyway — engage, interact and get rewarded!