INSIDE Public Accounting, the accounting profession’s benchmarking specialist, is offering a new tool to help partners better understand your firm’s culture – and how to improve it.

IPA’s first Excellence in Firm Culture Assessment – launching in May – will provide insights into whether firm culture is keeping pace with expectations in a rapidly changing professional environment.

IPA has measured hundreds of financial and operational metrics for firms for 30 years. IPA is now partnering with corporate culture experts CultureIQ to take the intangible aspects of culture and measure the key qualities that research shows lead directly to business results.

Consider it a “culture audit.” With staffing a top concern for accounting firm leaders every year, culture can’t be left to chance.

Email to request your Excellence in Firm Culture Assessment survey form.

The all-staff survey will help leaders see whether the culture described in the mission statement and core values matches the real behaviors, beliefs, interactions and attitudes at the firm. Participants will receive:

  • A customized report. In addition to an overall score, you will see aggregated employee data, and strengths and weaknesses by key demographics. The rankings cover agility, alignment, collaboration, customer-centricity, empowerment, engagement, growth development, innovation, quality, recognition rewards, trust integrity and work-life balance.
  • An Employee Net Promoter Score. Like the Net Promoter Score, this data shows how likely staff are to recommend working at your firm.
  • Benchmarking. Compare your firm’s scores to that of other participating firms. Data is aggregated by firm size and region, and all data on individual firms is confidential.
  • Eligibility to earn the IPA Excellence in Firm Culture award. Firms of distinction that rank highly will receive the award in July.

A desirable culture attracts talented professionals and encourages the best performers not only to stay but drive the firm forward.

About INSIDE Public Accounting: The Platt Group publishes the award-winning INSIDE Public Accounting newsletter and the annual IPA National Benchmarking Report. The Platt Group also surveys and publishes annual reports for the accounting profession in Human Resources, Firm Administration and Information Technology. Grow your firm, become more profitable and improve operations with IPA. IPA provides resources, analysis and tools to transform your firm. To learn more about The Platt Group and IPA, please call 317.733.1920 or visit

About CultureIQ: CultureIQ ( with organizations and their leaders to make culture a competitive advantage. Its flexible surveys, intuitive analytics and seasoned strategy team provide unprecedented insight into your organizational culture – plus guidance on where to focus for meaningful change. You can collect and understand the right data on an ongoing basis, pinpoint opportunities across employee groups, and align your culture with your business strategy.