Exceptional SC, is a 501(c)3 charity that helps K-12 students with special needs attend credentialed private schools through tuition tax credits and scholarships, has announced it is quickly on the way to reaching its $12 million goal for its donation pledge program.

By supporting Exceptional SC, South Carolina taxpayers are eligible for a state income tax credit on up to 60% of their state liability in addition to a Federal tax deduction.

In its first week of the campaign, over 300 donors have pledged more than half of the $12 million to the Exceptional SC scholarship program, according to an email sent Monday morning, June 25.

“We believe we could hit the $12 million cap in the coming weeks, so we’d recommend not waiting to make your donation,” Exceptional SC Executive Director Chad Connelly said. “We absolutely intend to push the legislature to increase the cap in next year’s budget and will let them know of the demand for support of this program.”

To reserve your pledge amount, please visit this link and enter your information and the amount you intend to donate. Exceptional SC will hold your spot until the close of business Friday, July 6. If your donation has not been received at that time, we will re-open that spot to other donors.

Once you make a pledge, a confirmation email will provide details on how to quickly and smoothly submit your donations. Payment methods include credit card, check, Automated Clearing House (ACH), or sale of stock.

If you have friends or colleagues who you believe would be interested in pledging as well, please to them to visit https://www.exceptionalsc.org/, as well as its Facebook page and Twitter feed.

For general application or donation questions, call 803.602.4398 or email Administrator@ExceptionalSC.org. To reach the South Carolina Department of Revenue about tax credit questions, call 803.898.5706 or email ExceptionalSC@dor.sc.gov.