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At SCACPA, we hear the frustrations of CPAs throughout South Carolina. We share those frustrations about the rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program and the CARES Act. For those trying to file unemployment claims, we understand the hardships you’ve encountered.

We want you to know that SCACPA and our advocacy partners are steadily working behind the scenes with lawmakers, regulators and decision-makers. While it feels like it’s nearly impossible for CPAs to get anything done to help feed the economy – and that’s certainly not where we should be at this point – we do feel we are moving toward a point where these issues will not be insurmountable.

Here’s what SCACPA is doing to protect the interests of CPAs and the interests of your clients:

  • We are funneling your first-hand accounts of complications you’ve encountered to the SC Department of Employment and Workforce. We understand the need for fast answers as they struggle with capacity to their system on a scale they were not designed for, and we will tell you about the workarounds you can use as they are relayed to us.
  • We understand the need for additional filing and payment relief and are working at both the federal and state level to encourage action on additional extensions.  We are also still working diligently on federal tax conformity and understand the need for quick action post-quarantine to account for the stimulus bills.
  • We are communicating with federal legislators’ multiple times a day regarding PPP and the roadblocks we’re seeing. It’s no secret that the intent of the program and its execution are very far apart, and it’s not getting better in ways we’d like it to. If you feel that anyone is acting in ways that are self-serving or predatory, please communicate that with us so we can share specifics with legislators.
  • We know that despite the deadline extensions now in place that adding PPP guidance to your tax workload will create crushing burdens for you over the next six months. That’s why SCACPA is creating CPE to guide you through the stimulus bills and building as much flexibility into education as possible.
  • SCACPA promises to deliver this high-quality level of CPE on the topics important to you to assist South Carolina individuals and businesses. We are moving all live events occurring through July 1 to livestream events and be adding special programs to keep you informed of the impacts of all the stimulus packages. We will also livestream all Spring Splash sessions during the month of May.
  • SCACPA Connect, our online community forum, continues to be the go-to forum where we collaborate on questions and solutions. Let SCACPA be your voice. If you have a question or concern let us know, we are routing questions to regulatory bodies daily.

We all feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. We hear your stories about juggling volumes of emails and phone calls over the past two weeks to your small business clients, trying to educate them through the PPP process, only to have banks tell you new rules and requirements. You’re also wondering how you’ll be fairly compensated for your diligence and expertise.

That’s why you have SCACPA’s total commitment that we’re continuing to work on your behalf. SCPACA knows better than any organization the resilience of the CPA profession and your role as key drivers and trusted advisors in your community,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this disruption, but you are not going through it alone. Even when upended by monumental change, SCACPA will build and maintain a community of support for you and your peers, partners and family.


Chris Jenkins