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Here is a list of steps to follow if you can not see the live video:

  1. The web player will not start automatically and requires you to press play.
  2. Refresh the classroom page.

To force a refresh of the page, hold down [Ctrl], [Shift], and the [R] key or hold down [Shift] and click the reload button. You can also close your browser and return to this page.

Here is a list of steps to follow if you can not hear the video:

  1. Make sure your device audio is on and at a reasonable level.
  2. Check your audio level on the web player (It will start at 50%).
  3. Check that any external audio devices are functioning properly and at a reasonable volume.

IMPORTANT Instructions:

Please pay attention to the event codes that will appear on screen.

At the END of the event you will need to submit these codes along with your e-mail address.

This is the only way you will receive credit for this course.