The South Carolina Department of Revenue announced a new Sales Tax filing option for businesses with multiple locations – the Consolidated Sales Tax Return.

The Consolidated Sales Tax Return is filed using the MyDORWAY online tax portal. Businesses can now file the ST-3, State Sales and Use Tax Return, and the ST-389, Schedule for Local Taxes, for multiple locations in one submission.

This option is only available for monthly filers with retail Sales Tax accounts. Businesses must apply and be approved by the SCDOR to use this filing option.

The Consolidated Sales Tax Return is fast and easy, saves time and paper, and reduces errors while increasing accuracy. For more information, including FAQs and a Consolidated Sales Tax Return tutorial, visit this resources page:

Click here for a 12-pageConsolidated Sales Tax Return Program Guide.

How do you get started with the Consolidated Sales Tax Return? First, submit a Consolidated Sales Tax Return Participation Application, which is available as a PDF. Email the application to and wait for approval. If you are a quarterly filer, your retail Sales Tax accounts will change to a monthly filing frequency.

You can then use MyDORWAY, the SCDOR’s secure online tax portal, to file Consolidated Sales Tax Returns. You must have a MyDORWAY account with Owner or Tax Account Manager access to all your Sales Tax accounts that will be included in your return.

MyDORWAY automatically calculates the State and Local Sales Tax due for the month, along with any available discounts. When you finish filing, you can pay the Sales Tax due for all locations in one easy payment.

“This new tool will be a gamechanger for retailers with multiple locations, allowing them to spend less time and resources compiling monthly tax filings and more time focusing on growing their businesses and continuing to serve the citizens of South Carolina,” said South Carolina Retail Association Executive Director Rebecca Leach. “South Carolina’s retailers appreciate Director (Hartley) Powell and his team’s months of hard work and commitment to developing this new program.”

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