As tax filing season approaches, the AICPA and South Carolina Association of CPAs are receiving questions about the impact of the recent government shutdown on the IRS.

Continuing the profession’s long-standing role as a resource to the IRS, the AICPA sent a letter to the Secretary of the Treasury and the IRS Commissioner expressing concern that effects from the 35-day shutdown will continue to burden taxpayers and practitioners as they attempt to file complete and accurate tax returns.

The letter identifies obstacles that CPAs face and offers recommendations to mitigate the long-term impact of the shutdown.

The letter cites challenges with:

  • Automated Notices
  • IRS Audits and Appeals
  • Online Systems and Accounts
  • Availability of Assistance
  • Implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Including Forms and Guidance

The AICPA’s letter offers the following recommendations:

  • Provide automatic extension of notices and collections until 90 days from the shutdown ending date, stop assessing penalties and interest, and cease sending automated notices
  • Maintain the operating effectiveness of all online systems and accounts
  • Provide full assistance to taxpayers and tax practitioners
  • Retain more IRS Chief Counsel attorneys for TCJA guidance

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