Nichols’ Tax Update Podcast: Issue 21-34 

  1. Aunt Entitled to Child Tax Credits, Dependency Deductions
    • The Tax Court, in a summary opinion, held that an individual is entitled to dependency exemption deductions, child tax credits, and the earned income credit for her brother’s children, finding that they were qualifying children during the tax year and, particularly, that it was more likely than not that the children resided with her for more than half the year. [Carol Denise Griffin; No. 9875-18S; T.C. Summ. Op. 2021-26, 8/16/2021]
  1. Tax Pro Organizations Rally Around Preparer Regulation Bill
    • Two of the largest tax professional associations joined two of the largest preparer companies to endorse legislation requiring practitioners to prove their competence to the IRS. [Tax Notes Today; 8/18/2021, article by William Hoffman]
  1. AICPA Seeks Quick Relief on Interruption of LIFO Inventories
    • The American Institute of CPAs, noting its prior comments, has recommended a section 473 safe harbor method providing that, if a taxpayer has experienced a qualified liquidation for a liquidation year, the taxpayer would disregard it for the liquidation year and would retain the last-in, first-out layers related to the opening inventory of that year.  [Tax Notes Today; 8/18/2021]
  1. A Primer on Establishing a Public Charity
    • Lynn’s comments on organizing and operating a “501(c)(3) Charitable Entity”  See IRC Secs. 501(a), 501(c(3), 501(c(4), and 509

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