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DOR Releases Information Letter Concerning New ‘Marketplace Facilitator’ Law Effective April 26

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The South Carolina Department of Revenue issued an advisory opinion in the form of “Information Letter 19-14: Marketplace Facilitator” on Tuesday, May 7. It informs persons operating as a marketplace facilitator who sell tangible personal property [...]

SCACPA Testifies to House Legislative Oversight Committee on Strengthening BOA’s Resources, Communications and Guidance

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As the House Legislative Oversight Committee continues its overview of the LLR, members of the South Carolina Association of CPAs visited the Blatt Building to offer testimony on Wednesday, [...]

Get Rewarded with SCACPA’s Refer-a-Friend Program!

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This year, as you renew your membership with SCACPA, keep in mind that Together, We Are Stronger; Together, We Are Better. That saying simply means that the SCACPA’s purpose—our [...]

How to Start A Conversation with A Nonmember About Joining SCACPA

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Trying to convince a fellow CPA to join SCACPA? Here are just a few of the things SCACPA accomplished in the 2018-2019 member year. Feel free to use these as selling [...]

Spring Splash is Just Around the Corner! Register Today!

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In just one week, CPAs from across the state and beyond will gather together in Charleston, S.C., for an event that will be long-remembered: SCACPA’s Spring Splash 2019.   As a [...]

Have Questions About Your SCACPA Membership? We Have Answers

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At SCACPA headquarters, we understand that sometimes questions might arise as you are in the process of renewing your membership. Here are some of most frequently asked questions to help [...]

View from the Dome: Public Hearings Promised in Coming Months for New Sales Tax Bill

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View from the Dome – May 3, 2019 By Copper Dome Strategies, LLC  The debate on the potential sale of state-owned utility Santee Cooper again dominated the time on the Senate floor [...]

Sales Tax Bill Based on TRAC’s Ideas, Including a Tax on Services, is Referred to Ways and Means Committee

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The South Carolina House Tax Policy Review Committee introduced its sales tax proposal on Thursday, May 2. It was read for the first time and referred to the Ways [...]

‘Exceptional SC’ Leader Provides CPAs with Updates on His SALT Talks with OMB, IRS, and Charity’s Plans for Expansion

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The SCACPA Advocacy Team is taking this opportunity to share details from a letter that Chad Connelly, the Executive Director of the charity Exceptional SC, sent on Monday, April [...]

In 2019 Legislative Session, SCACPA Advocacy Worked Closely on Conformity Achievement, Interaction with Legislators

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SCACPA advocacy expanded in many avenues in 2019. As South Carolina’s 2019 legislative session nears its May 9 adjournment date, the SCACPA Advocacy Team can point to work to [...]