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Educational Fund

The SCACPA Educational Fund exists to advance and promote accounting education.

Each year, scholarships are granted to well-deserving students from across the state. The funds we give are a result of established endowments as well as annual donations from members of the SCACPA. These awards go a long way to help bright and talented students with a financial need achieve their goals and dreams.

Help keep the profession strong. Please send us your tax-deductible contribution today!

How to Give

Help to ensure the strength of the profession’s future by donating to the SCACPA Educational Fund. The exceptional students who receive these scholarships go on to do incredible things in the profession. Your contribution paves the way for them to continue to achieve.

Your donation is included as a “check-off” on your annual dues notice. You may make an individual contribution of any amount, at any time. Memorial contributions may be made to the current general fund or the endowment fund.

You may also print the brochure above, and mail the contribution form along with your contribution to: SCACPA Education Fund, 1300 12th Street, Suite D, Cayce, SC 29033.

From Past Donors

I would encourage all of our members to consider making a contribution every year to our Educational Fund as I have always done. Any amount, no matter how small, will help to grow the scholarship funds that have been established over the years. You will be providing an opportunity to assist a number of deserving accounting majors with their college education expenses. Bob Cooper
McKinley Cooper & Co., LLC
Greenville, SC

To learn more about SCACPA Scholarships and the remarkable students they go to, visit our Scholarship Program page.

Donation Form


Note: South Carolina law requires that we report contributor information for all contributions in excess of $100. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will refrain from list you in SCACPA materials. Gifts of $25 and above will be listed in donor recognition materials.