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Regulatory Efforts

A primary focus of the South Carolina Association of CPAs is to be an advocate for the accounting profession in South Carolina. With a strong presence in Columbia and through the grassroots efforts of our members, SCACPA has a successful track record in the State Capitol.

How can government help you? You might laugh at this question and simply reply “stay out of the way!” However, state government and regulating bodies are constantly making changes to or creating new laws and regulation. It’s imperative to have an advocate for the CPA profession and for business issues to ensure these changes are helpful and not harmful.

As a CPA actively engaged in providing professional services to the public, business clients or your employer, you have a finger on the pulse of how well regulations and laws are working for the business climate or for you as a CPA. We depend on your insight and opinions to help drive the issues in which your Association gets involved.

We have worked hard to support positive legislation that benefits the profession, the business community and the public at large, while fighting unfair legislation that would hinder the ability of CPAs to practice their profession and effectively serve the clients and business they work for.

The South Carolina Association of CPAs is your voice in Columbia and Washington, D.C. Help make our messages even stronger by getting involved in our legislative efforts.Make sure we are working on the issues important to you by sending your comments, ideas or challenges now to

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