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Humor as a Healer

All too often, stress is the reason for all that office ennui. People are in survival mode, just trying to get through till quitting time. In fact, when you’re facing a tough deadline or enduring an impossible task, the last thing you probably want to hea...

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Retirement Fiduciary Responsibility

Many positions in a company can have retirement plan fiduciary responsibility, including the owner, CEO, CFO, human resources personnel or benefits/retirement committee. Fiduciary responsibility is based on the functions performed for the plan, not a tit...

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Prepared for Anything with These Tips

“Can you go on now?” my contact asked me as I walked through the door. “The 8 o’clock speaker isn’t here yet—we think he got lost on the way.” And so within five minutes I was plugged in, miked up, and speaking. I did a few ice breakers to loosen everybod...

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