South Carolina CPAs
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scacpa offers great resources for the public

Why CPAs?
CPAs are trusted advisors in every industry serving the public and the organizations they serve.

Find A CPA
This free service is provided by the SCACPA to help connect you with a certified public accountant (CPA) in your geographic region that can best meet your financial and business needs. You can look up a company by name or by city, services offered or industries served. Matches will be listed in alphabetical order.

Facility Rental
When you choose to rent SCACPA’s facilities, we give you much more than a room filled with chairs. We handle all the small details, so that you can focus on the content of your event.

Educational Fund

The SCACPA Educational Fund exists to advance and promote accounting education. Each year, scholarships are granted to well-deserving students from across the state.

Scholarship Program
The exceptional students who receive these scholarships go on to do incredible things in the profession. Your contribution paves the way for them to continue to achieve.

Classifieds: three exclusive opportunities, all with discounts for members.

Find An Auditor/ Request An RFP
Post your request for an audit proposal with SCACPA. Our 4,000+ members are all qualified, and posting your request with us is both free of charge and the best way for your message to meet the greatest audience.