South Carolina CPAs
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our members exist in a constantly changing environment
we will support them as they embrace future opportunities

As a member of SCACPA, you are eligible to join one of SCACPA's eight regional chapters, based on the county in which you live or work.  Chapters are an integral part of SCACPA and facilitate networking and educational opportunities throughout the state, tailored to meet your needs.

Get Involved with SCACPA

Participation on a Committee or Task Force allows you to share your thoughts for the present and future activities of the Association, including community involvement, government relations, membership events and more.

Volunteer - CPA Month of Service
Volunteers are the heart of SCACPA. Your involvement gives you the opportunity to share your talents and expertise, exercise your leadership skills, grow your knowledge base and develop professional relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Young CPAs - CPA Leadership Institute
Members who participate in the program wind up networking heavily with classmates. The Institute has established an alumni program, to make fostering those valuable connections simple, so the network established through the experience continues to thrive.

Centennial Celebration
The South Carolina Association of CPAs proudly celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2015. While the actual charter was secured on Oct. 2, 1915, the celebration has already begun.
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