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Customized Training Solutions

Balancing cost-effectiveness with the need to secure relevant training in a fast-paced business environment can be challenging. The SCACPA offers a highly effective solution with Customized Training.

We deliver high quality training that fits your unique needs, when and where you want it.

Our commitment to confidentiality gives you the freedom to discuss proprietary information and other sensitive organizational issues. Customized content is focused on your employees’ training needs and experience level. We offer a wide array of well-tested courses and instructors, so creating the program you need now is a cinch. You can save up to one-third of the cost of training by having programs at your office, rather than off-site. Your staff won't incur travel expenses or lose work time traveling. We coordinate all the details involved in delivering your unique program to your office. Once you choose the date and program you want, all you have to do is reserve a meeting room and inform your staff.

Advantages for your organization include convenience, cost savings, tailored content, confidentiality, and team development.

Show your staff that their training needs are important to leadership by bringing SCACPA’s education to your door. Staff will develop skills and have the opportunity to address important issues as a team.

Call SCACPA today to start planning your organization’s next Customized On-Site Learning experience.


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Case Study

Amy Larkin, CPA is in Corporate Finance at BlueCross BlueShield South Carolina. When a new requirement for CPAs in South Carolina to complete 6 hours of Ethics training every three years, with 2 of those hours in South Carolina-specific content, went into effect, she wanted to ensure that the CPAs at BCBS would get the training they needed. She came to SCACPA for a solution.

Ms. Larkin found that working with SCACPA was economic, convenient, and effective. She says of the experience, "My contacts at SCACPA were quick to respond, very straightforward, and answered all the questions I had."

A concern of Ms. Larkin’s as she was searching for suitable education was that there are courses in Ethics that wouldn’t meet the State Licensing Board’s new requirements, and she wanted to make sure the CPAs at BCBS were getting the training they really needed.

"I contacted the SCACPA because of their good working relationship with the South Carolina State Licensing Board. There was no question whether or not the course SCACPA offered would meet the new requirement."

Around 60 CPAs work at BlueCross BlueShield South Carolina, and they’ve all met their three-year Ethics education requirement because of Ms. Larkin’s efforts and on-site training from SCACPA.

The initial on-site training event sparked a networking opportunity among BCBS CPAs and SCACPA. In the time since their training, Ms. Larkin notes that several of her colleagues have been contacted by SCACPA to share their expertise at speaking events.