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eMaterials - Paperless Materials


Learn how to download, navigate and annotate your eMaterials. 

The Facts:

WHERE do I download my eMaterials?

WHEN can I download my eMaterials?

  • Three business days prior to your course or conference. Please be sure to download your eMaterials in advance (prior to arriving at the course location).

HOW do I download my eMaterials?

  • Click "Conference Manual" associated with your course or conference. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher to access (Note: version 9.4 and 10.1 have been reported to not allow annotation).

WILL I be able to plug in my laptop at my course or conference?

  • Yes. A laptop charging station will be supplied.

How will eMaterials be formatted?

  • Our materials will be converted to a secure PDF electronic format.

How do I annotate/comment on eMaterials?

  • From your PC you can access the commenting tool bar by clicking on:
    Tools > Customize Toolbars > Comment & Markup Toolbar > OK
  • From your MAC you can access the commenting tool bar by clicking on:
    Tools > Comment & Markup > Show Comment & Markup Toolbar
  • The Commenting Toolbar offers three options for annotating your materials**:
    • Note Tool: To add notes to the document click the yellow Note Tool and then click on the location where you would like to leave a note. The Note Tool dialog box will appear and you will be able to enter your comments.
    • Highlight Text: This tool allows you to highlight text and perform functions such as Cross-Out and Underline text.
    • Show: This tool provides a variety of options for displaying and viewing the comments in the document. Click on Show > Show Comments List to display comments.
    • Be sure to SAVE your program materials when your commenting is complete.
    • **Note: If materials provided have been scanned, highlighting/commenting will not be accessible.

May I share my eMaterials with others?

  • No, eMaterials for events are copyrighted and permission to view/print is granted to the paid participant of the event exclusively.

How long are eMaterials stored under My Electronic Materials?

  • eMaterials are available online up to 7 days following the event. You must download and save the materials to your device within this time frame in order to access them in the future.  

How will I know which events feature eMaterials?

  • Beginning in 2013 all courses will provide eMaterials unless otherwise noted. 

Once I’m onsite, how do I download my eMaterials if I haven’t done so already?

  • Materials may be downloaded onsite by going to . We urge you to download and save your materials to your laptop or iPad app prior to arriving at the course location.

Is the customer expected to print the PDF files after they’re downloaded?

  • No—We encourage customers to use materials electronically, and annotate. We are not trying to shift printing costs to the customer. 

May I cancel or transfer my registration once the materials have been uploaded to the website?

  • No—Once the materials are uploaded to the SCACPA website, refunds, transfers, substitutions and cancellations are not accepted. 

 What are the advantages of Electronic Course Materials?

  • Please CLICK HERE to read our article on the advantages of eMaterials.

We're Paperless!

Beginning April 1, 2014, Unless otherwise noted, materials for all courses and conferences will be provided electronically three business days prior to the program date. 

eMaterials Terms and Conditions

  • Materials are copyrighted and permission to download and/or print is granted to the paid participant of the event exclusively.
  • Materials will not be provided to you at the event, unless when offered printed materials have been purchased in advance.
  • Should you choose to bring your laptop/eReader to the event, SCACPA cannot guarantee internet access. We recommend you download the eMaterials to your device in advance.
  • A charging station will be available for access to electrical power
  • Once the materials are uploaded to the SCACPA website, refunds, transfers, substitutions and cancellations are no longer accepted.

eMaterials Access

Adobe Acrobat 10.1.1
—Annotation is not accessible on this version. Please upgrade to version 10.1.2.

Your eMaterials can be viewed and annotated using the following:

  • Adobe Acrobat version 7.0 or higher (recently, we have noticed issues with version 9.4 and 10.1—annotate may not be accessible if these versions are being used)
  • Nitro (free PDF software)
  • FoxIT (free PDF software)
  • iPad (users must purchase iAnnotate or other annotate apps to use with their ebook)
  • Kindle Fire (users must purchase an app such as ezPDF or other annotate app in order to access bookmarks and annotation)

Your eMaterials can be viewed using:

  • iPad (if iAnnotate is not purchased)
  • Kindle
  • Nook

PDF Viewer Apps

Adobe Reader - Free (Windows/Android/iOS)

GoodReader - $4.99 (iOS only)


iAnnotate - $9.99 (iOS/Android)