South Carolina CPAs
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About Us


South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants

1300 12th Street, Suite D
Cayce, SC  29033
Phone:  803-791-4181803-791-4181
Fax:  803-791-4196
Toll Free (SC only): 888-557-4814888-557-4814

Our Vision

We recognize that our members exist in a constantly changing environment
and we will support them as they embrace future opportunities

Our Mission

SCACPA will empower our members to grow professionally.

Core Values

Accountability – The Association is responsible for ensuring that its members are at the core of its decisions and actions.

Integrity – The Association demonstrates honesty and fairness in every action we take.

Reliability – The Association is trustworthy and dependable in the services we provide to our members.

Advocacy – The Association exists to protect and promote the value of the CPA credential.

Value Proposition

Community – The Association is the professional home for CPAs and CPA candidates and fosters collegiality, inclusiveness, networking, idea-sharing and continuous learning.

Diversity – The Association encourages inclusive behavior in diversity of thought with staff, volunteers and members, including opportunities to participate in programs, policy formulation and decision-making.

Competency – The Association provides valuable professional development and other valued-added opportunities for our members to help them be prepared and ready for changes in the profession and obtain the skills for growth.

Innovation – The Association looks beyond the status quo to identify new ways of providing value to our members.  

Leadership – The Association is the leading resource for information and tools for our members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities.