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SCACPA Happenings

WEEK Feb.12 - Feb.16

Advocacy: SCACPA had a significant legislative win last week when the budget bill included an amendment that allows SC to take advantage of additional disaster relief. It is wonderful to see our hard work pay off as advocates for CPAs!
Our Organization has a governmental affairs committee meeting this week. Topics included working with the Administrative Law Court to get a subset of CPAs the right to represent clients and a draft bill to clean up language in title 40 chapter 2 (the regulations regarding accountants).
This draft bill has significant changes. It will simplify the process of becoming licensed by reciprocity and aligns that process with the requirements of mobility. The draft bill also cleans up several sections that are outdated, including portions regarding the CPA exam (updated for the computerized exam), a section that references SSARS, making SCBOA hearings public again and clarification of the educational requirements.
SCACPA also has a meeting with the SCDOR this week regarding conformity.
Executive: CEO Chris Jenkins is working on securing partnership deals for CPE programs that supplement our own CPE schedule.
Chris has also been preparing for the Governmental Affairs Committee meeting and the SCDOR meeting.
CFO Jacque and Professional Education Coordinator Renee had a meeting with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and the Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau. The focus of the meetings was to research and secure facilities for our upcoming Spring Splash Accounting Conference.
Jacque also prepped for the Diversity & Inclusion Committee meeting and continued to work on monthly financials.
VP of Membership and Communications Lisa and IT and Communications Assistant Jeff went to Charleston and Greenville to interview members and add their stories to the CPA report.
Membership: So far in February, 12 new members have joined SCACPA!
The membership team continues to work on developing content for multiple publications, including Spring Splash marketing, our CPA Report, Current Assets and Chapter Connections.
Content Strategist Gregory Hardy has been collecting article submissions for the upcoming Q1 issue of CPA Report magazine. This included visiting the offices of Argo & Associates in Anderson, which will be the focus of our next “Firm Advantage” profile series. If you know a CPA firm in South Carolina that will make an interesting subject for an upcoming issue, let Greg know at

WEEK Feb. 5 - Feb. 9

Advocacy: Content Strategist Gregory Hardy, along with Ken Newhouse, Chair of SCACPA’s governmental affairs committee, and Copper Dome Strategies’ Jeff Thordahl, have been reaching out to the Department of Revenue in an attempt to align strategies to alert state legislators of their need weigh options and address tax conformity before the end of this legislative session.
Multiple solutions exist that would allow South Carolina to conform while maintaining a balanced budget, but choosing the best path will require careful deliberation since there is little previous guidance – or precedence – on how to navigate such sweeping reforms. SCACPA is doing its best to keep Association members appraised of conformity news and what members can do in the near future that will help tell the story of the best conformity path forward that will lower the burdens to individuals and businesses and keep the state from being at a competitive disadvantage compared to its neighboring states.
Operations: SCACPA had our annual office cleaning party! The team had fun organizing and cleaning out all offices and work rooms.
Executive: CEO Chris Jenkins has been meeting with the DOR to create a plan to increase the value of our membership by promoting their CPE courses.
He has also been working on a plan to stress the importance of tax conformity in South Carolina. One facet of this plan is a networking event for the Central Chapter on March 29, called “Meet Your Legislators.” Read more.
CFO Jacque continues to work on audits and budgets as well as meeting with potential partners.
Jacque, VP of Membership Lisa and the entire membership team gathered to group test the new website and provide suggestions for improvement.  
Membership: The team has been setting up meetings to discuss future processes and messaging that will change with All-Inclusive Membership. The current focus is on a reward system for our members and the marketing plan for the first big accounting conference (Spring Splash).
Membership Experience Assistant Brooke is working on the design for invitations that will go out to legislators for the “Meet Your Legislators” event.
Calls about the All-Inclusive Membership have been picking up. We look forward to your feedback! Do not hesitate to give us a call at 803-791-4181 or email
Business Development Coordinator Anne has been involved in many meetings and discussions with potential partners. We are exploring new affinity partners to bring benefits to our members and connect partners with our professionals. Also, information on sponsoring the Spring Splash is coming soon!

WEEK Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

Operations: SCACPA would like to welcome our newest team member Brook Mixson! She will be the Membership Experience Assistant, and we all look forward to working with her.   
Executive: CFO Jacque is working with Bookkeeper Melissa to finalize an audit, prepare 1099s for our vendors and prepare W-2s for employees.
Jacque, VP of Membership and Communications Lisa, CEO Chris and the entire Membership team had a meeting on the future process of managing chapter events.
Melissa also processed PAC checks and sent out thank you letters to individuals and firms that contributed to the PAC/ED fund for 2017. The full list and details of these contributions will be in the next issue of our CPA Report.
Melissa sent chapter officers the chapters’ second quarter financial statements and took minutes at the last Committee of 16 meeting.
Membership: This team has been receiving calls from members since our All-Inclusive Membership Brochure was sent out. We look forward to this feedback and are always eager to have conversations with our members.
The team is also working on the latest edition of the CPA Report.
IT and Communications Assistant Jeff worked on our upcoming marketing guide and employee email signatures. These signatures will include certain “save the dates” so members will have easy and continuous reminders of upcoming events.
Advocacy: Ken Newhouse, Chair of the governmental affairs committee for SCACPA, had an interview with Statehouse correspondent Lindsay Street. The focus of this interview: will federal tax cuts cause an unintended rise in state taxes? Read full interview
Ken is also working with Content Strategist Gregory Hardy and Copper Dome Strategies’ Jeff Thordahl so Association members can be appraised of conformity news as state legislators weigh their options. Once the behind-the-scenes numbers weighed by state appraisers are revealed, it will then require one to two weeks of wrestling with what to do before any bill can be introduced. Our team continues to partner with state policymakers to figure out a path toward actions that approach being revenue-neutral in an election year, but there remains a considerable distance before it is figured out. And there are still provisions from 2017 to settle, such as medical deductions and disaster relief. “Everybody’s grasping for solutions, and it’s a political nightmare, but there’s a lot of energy being expended on it,” Thordahl said.
The organization has cut checks to legislators who we believe will support our issues at the state house. We are now looking for Key Person Contacts to help deliver those checks and start a conversation about what is important to the Profession, especially as it relates to conformity.
SCACPA also advocates on an individual level for our members;
A member in Charleston has an issue with an audit completed by the DOR in Charleston. We were able to bring it to the attention of DOR and the problem was solved to the members satisfaction.
A member in Anderson had a concern over the new DEW written authorization form UCE-1010. We were able to reach out to DEW with our concerns. The form has since been modified to allow firms to represent individuals.

WEEK Jan. 22 - Jan. 26

Operations: The SCACPA Board meeting last Friday, Jan. 19, was highly constructive. Thank you to all our Board members for traveling to the office and devoting their day to reviewing our progress and taking the time to plan how we can improve. New Staff greatly enjoyed mingling and meeting the Board members.    
Executive: CFO Jacque, CEO Chris and VP of Membership and Communications Lisa were busy preparing for the Board meeting most of the week.
Jacque also worked with Bookkeeper Melissa to prepare December 2017 chapter financial statements. Melissa was also in charge of gathering notes from the Committee of 16 meeting on marketing descriptions for upcoming CPE. 
Membership: This team is proud to announce the All-Inclusive Membership publication they have been working on so diligently is at the printers and getting ready to roll out to members! Lisa had an awesome team to help put this together. Great job to Lisa, Content Strategist Gregory and Communications and Tech Assistant Jeff. 
CPE: Membership and CPE Assistant Dominic has been entering survey results for the Tax Reform classes and mailing out membership certificates.
Professional Education Coordinator Renee has been researching which facilities and speakers to use for upcoming CPE. She had a great time traveling to Charleston last Friday to ensure the tax course, “Tax Reform from 30,000 Feet,” went off without a hitch.
Advocacy: Gregory is working with Jeff Thordahl of Copper Dome Strategies on how to relay conformity news to Association members as the legislative session continues. What promised to be a slow start to the session’s conformity initiatives got slower when sessions were canceled midweek due to anticipated snowy weather in Columbia, but conformity will get its day in the sun.
CPAs are engaged with budget-makers to understand the impact of the new laws at the state level. In the coming weeks, we’ll be able to say with much more certainty the impacts of the new federal tax law on South Carolina’s code, and we’ll see how the General Assembly will wrestle with what it wants to adopt – or not adopt. 
CEO Chris is finalizing changes to regulation regarding reciprocity. He is also looking at multiple solutions to simplify conformity. This includes only addressing items that will impact us this year.
Chris is reviewing the stop gap bill to ensure our modifications to the sections regarding disaster recovery have been added. 

WEEK Jan. 15 - Jan. 19

Operations: SCACPA has been interviewing potential candidates for the Membership Experience Assistant position. We look forward to adding the right person to our team.

CFO Jacque met with a potential payroll partner to make the payroll process as efficient as possible.   

Executive: Jacque also completed Dec. 2017 financials and helped execute the Tax Reform courses.

CEO Chris has been preparing for the board meeting and working with VP of Membership and Communications Lisa to finalize the All-Inclusive Membership Brochure. 

Membership: This team has been working closely with the CPE team to plan and put together surveys for members to give us their feed back on classes. Both teams are working to enter the survey results in our database system. This will help SCACPA to adapt and improve any programs/speakers/venues etc.
We are excited to say that our first series of Tax Reform courses has had wonderful feedback, and between in-person and online courses there were over 300 attendees!  
Advocacy: Content Strategist Gregory Hardy talked with Jeff Thordahl of Copper Dome Strategies about how conformity will be addressed by the South Carolina General Assembly now that the Legislature is in session, and what SCACPA will report each week as any progress is made. It could take a little longer than usual this year, as the Senate Finance Committee must crunch the numbers to see what impact the federal tax changes have on the state, and that potentially could take a few weeks. You can see the list of names on the Senate Finance Committee under chairman Sen. Hugh Leatherman here.
Chris has had some phone calls from members who are concerned about the new SCBOA requirement stating that you must now have a successor for your firm. We want to make sure that our members are supported and have all the guidance they need, so we have created a sample Practice Continuation Agreement (PCA). View PCA.  

WEEK Jan. 8 - Jan. 12

Executive: SCACPA continues to work towards executing the New All-Inclusive Membership. 

The team is looking forward to hosting the board members of SCACPA on Jan. 19 to share the organizations process. The entire staff will be present at lunch to talk with the board and introduce new employees. 
The Committee of 16 is proud to note that they have finished next years CPE schedule framework. This committee will continue to meet until they finish the schedule in May. CFO Chris is also working diligently with the Committee of 16 to ensure that SCACPA has the best quality speakers for the upcoming CPE year. If you are interested in volunteering to speak please email him at
Chris also will be attending the Piedmont Chapter's Night at the Museum. He will represent the organization while families learn about the importance of financial literacy. 
CFO Jacque worked on December financials and helped secure facilities for our upcoming Tax Reform Courses. 
CPE: SCACPA took the initiative to plan Tax Reform courses for our members taught by tax expert Lynn Nichols. Learn More.
Membership: VP of Membership and Communications Lisa has been working with Content Strategist Greg and IT/Communications Assistant Jeff to finish a 12 page publication on the New All-Inclusive Membership. This will be mailed out to members soon so keep an eye out for it! 

Advocacy: SCACPA is working with Federal Legislation to amend subsection A1 and B2 on Disaster Declaration and tax relief. SC narrowly missed the deadline of declaration to get tax relief. We are working hard to see that this is resolved. 
We are also finishing up final edits on the Legislative Tax Guide. This will be delivered to State Legislation this month. 
The organization is gearing up to tackle Tax Conformity and we understand that it is going to be an exceptionally difficult year. We will work hard to ensure that our members have everything they need.
Lastly, if you are experiencing difficulty working with the Charleston office of the SCDOR please give us a call and ask for Chris. 

WEEK JAN. 1 - JAN. 5

The SCACPA team hopes everyone enjoyed their holidays. SCACPA had an awesome time at our staff Christmas party at Main Street's new entertainment spot The Grand, where we ate tasty food, enjoyed bowling and played tons of other fun games.
Now we are excited to welcome the new year with some wonderful changes! 
Operations: Everyone in the office worked together to ensure our members were helped during the stressful reporting period.
Call volume was especially high, but that is to be expected with so many people at CPE events across the state.
Membership and CPE worked closely together to get members their transcripts and any attendance certifications they may have been missing.
Executive: CEO Chris helped make sure that the Walter Nunnallee events ran smoothly. He also had a wonderful time presenting the SCACPA SC Ethics course. This event was packed with over 200 participants both in-house and online! Chris continued to work on plans for the CPE schedule for the coming year (available in May). The Committee of 16 will be in the office again next week to make sure an amazing schedule is prepared for all our members.
Membership and Communications VP Lisa was joined by CFO Jacque to serve as the onsite coordinators for the Walter Nunnallee Tax Update on Dec. 18 and 19.  Lisa also served as the onsite coordinator for the FASB and AICPA Update on Dec. 20. All together there were over 600 people in attendance for these events.
Jacque, Lisa and Chris all attended information sessions on the new tax reform. They created a series of courses that will be offered exclusively in SC and taught by tax expert Lynn Nichols. These will run from Jan. 16-19. Learn More.
Content Strategist Greg also reviewed the information and produced multiple articles on what to expect moving forward. 

WEEK DEC. 11- DEC. 14

Executive: Our CEO Chris attended a SC Board of Accountancy meeting. Content Strategist Greg wrote an update based on news from this meeting entitled, “SC Board of Accountancy to offer March 1 deadline extension for those whose CPE carryover hours are incorrectly reported.” Chris has also been preparing to present the SC Ethics course we are offering on Thursday, Dec. 21.
SCACPA continued to work with legislators on disaster recovery issues.
Our CPE planning committee, The Committee of 16, began work on the upcoming CPE schedule. This committee is made up of volunteers who want to be involved in the quality education that is provided by the association.
The Academic Awareness Committee met and started its planning for the 2018-2019 membership year.
COO/CFO Jacque has been preparing SCACPA financial statements. Jacque had a conference call with the AICPA Student Pipeline State Participants as well as a conference call with our board treasurer.
She went to Children’s Trust of South Carolina and presented them with a check for $2,600.00. This was a result of a successful fundraising campaign where our members bought “CPAs Give” T-shirts. We are so proud we were able to raise money for such a worthy cause.
Anne in business development was with Jacque at Children’s Trust and spoke briefly at the start of their board meeting about the initiative. She brought some of the CPAs Give shirts for the CT team, and they were excited to be our chosen organization.
Our membership and communications team has been hard at work ensuring that all content is clear and concise. A top priority is keeping members informed of all current, relevant changes that may affect them.  

WEEK DEC. 4 - DEC. 8

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Accounting and Auditing Conference on Thursday and Friday. The event required hard work and coordination to put together, and we are so happy our members enjoyed it! 
Executive: SCACPA continued our communication with federal legislators to clarify how the Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017 relate to South Carolina. Staff and committee members are reviewing pre-filed bills for the upcoming SC legislative session. We are also finishing the language to clean up and align the practice act.
Our CFO Jacque participated in an AICPA Webinar regarding the recently proposed tax bill.
VP of Membership and Communications Lisa McGee met with the CPE Facility Generation Task Force. They had a very productive meeting about future facilities where the Association can hold our classes.
CPE: There was a grand total of 310 event registrations from Dec. 3-9. This team also saw to it that the week’s 54 events throughout the state went smoothly.
Anne in Business Development went to the A&A conference to help set up and facilitate great networking opportunities between members and our partner, Kopis. Kopis was a gold sponsor for the conference, and we would like to thank them for participating. Anne also helped set up the membership booth and supplied members with giveaways and promotions.
Membership: The Membership Team has been fielding questions about the new All-Inclusive Membership Model.  We’re excited about all the inquiries we are getting.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. 
Content Strategist Gregory Hardy has been crafting a brochure that will be sent to members that further explains the Association’s All-Inclusive Membership Model.
Guests: McGregor & Company LLP had a meeting in the conference room.

WEEK NOV. 27 - DEC. 1

Operations: The entire SCACPA team has been gearing up for our big A&A conference on Dec. 7 and Dec. 8, 2017.  We have also been busy making sure that all our members are aware of upcoming CPE and any important deadlines.  
Executive: Our CEO, Chris has been reworking some video presentations on the New All-Inclusive Membership Model. These videos have been split up into “chapters” and will be released one at a time to ensure a logical and clear communication of any and all changes coming your way.
VP of Membership and Communications, Lisa, has been very busy putting the finishing touches on our CPA Report. This publication will have a list of SCACPA board members for 2017-18, a peer review program update, an article on Moore Beauston Woodham, a review of our 2017 scholarship recipients and a welcome to the state’s newest CPAs. This CPA report will be coming soon! 
CPE: This team has been hard at work during our busiest season. In addition to helping plan future events, CPE must also keep up with reconciliation for past events and making sure that present events are running smoothly. They also compile evaluations for all classes and instructors.
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff, has been working on chapters two and three of our video on the New All-Inclusive Membership Model.
Content Strategist, Greg Hardy, is being trained on all our processes and is doing some wonderful work for us. He is currently learning how our Knowledge Networks work. He is also putting together an article on all the changes being proposed in the new tax bill and what that means for our community.
Membership and Communications have been meeting with Lisa to ensure that all articles promoting CPE are accurate and clear. These teams have also been helping proof the CPA Report and assisting all members that may have questions on their scheduled CPE before the end of the year.


WEEK NOV. 20 - NOV. 24

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their loved ones! It was a short week for us as our office was closed Thursday and Friday so we could spend time celebrating.  
Jeff,  our Communications and Technology Assistant, has been working closely with our marketing team to create and upload new videos on the All-Inclusive Membership Model. Chapter one is complete and on our Facebook page. More chapters will be coming your way shortly.  
Anne, in Business Development, distributed our first SCACPA Firm Guide for Students to all Campus Champions and all firms that submitted a listing! Our hope is this will be a valuable resource for students (and their advisors) when looking for an Accounting career and internship opportunities in SC.
Educators and students who would like copies of this guide can contact Anne Ryan at with your mailing address and number of copies needed. 
Membership: This team has been working hard to promote the CPE offerings for the rest of the year. We want to make sure all our members have the hours they need to renew their license. This information will be spread across multiple media channels such as mailings, email and social media. 

Communications: Our marketing and communication partner Splash Omnimedia was onsite to review all messaging. This included a December CPE postcard, the Accounting and Auditing Conference Brochure and continued work on adding a page to our website explaining the All-Inclusive Membership Model. 


WEEK NOV. 13-17

Operations: Last week we pulled off the best Fall CPA Summit yet. This tremendous event took team work, organization, determination, focus and so much more. Our team is proud that we could put on an event of such high caliber for our members.
During the Summit, 12 students were recognized for receiving different scholarships offered by SCACPA, and 17 New CPAs took their new CPA Oath. We are so proud and happy for all of them.   
 Executive: Our CEO, Chris, was even busier than usual. He prepared for Summit and had a Speaker Training Series here at the office. This program ran from Nov. 13-15 and was meant to train future instructors of our CPE classes to be effective and engaging. A special thank you to all the participants and leaders.
Our CFO, Jacque, had a conference call with our partner CPACharge regarding credit card processing services. 
Membership: Membership and CPE worked very closely this week to make sure the Summit ran smoothly. We divided up responsibilities and preparation. This included creating and printing signage, name badges, schedules, programs, speaker packets and registration packets. The facility had to be ready and set up for the number of attendees, catering was set up, and we gathered all sorts of goodies and giveaways for the membership booth. All vendors on site were checked in and had a wonderful time meeting our members.



WEEK NOV. 6-10

Operations: It has been all hands on deck this week! Everyone on our team is pulling together to ensure that our biggest conference of the year, The Fall CPA Summit, is ready to roll. This is a huge two-day conference that includes multiple sessions, a new CPA oath ceremony, and a luncheon to recognize SCACPA scholarship recipients.
We are excited to see everyone in attendance!
Our CFO, Jacque, and our VP of Membership and Communications, Lisa, interviewed potential new employees for our office.  
Executive: Jacque also met with database and website vendors regarding the All-Inclusive Membership Model.
CEO of SCACPA, Chris, has been busy preparing for the Fall CPA Summit as well as preparing one of our new programs--SCACPA Speaker Training. This exclusive new course pulls in future instructors for CPE classes, and teaches them how to be effective speakers! There will be more about how this program went in next weeks happenings. 
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff, has been reshooting and editing some more videos that will clearly and concisely explain our All-Inclusive New Membership Model. 
Promoting the profession: CFO of SCACPA, Jacque had a call with the AICPA regarding the Accounting Pilot Bridge Program



WEEK OCT. 30- NOV. 3

Operations: Several perspective employees were interviewed at our office in Cayce.
 Minutes for four different committee meetings and the board meeting were finalized by our CFO, Jacque. The committees that met were the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Tax Committee, Education Fund, and Benefits Committee. The remaining meetings for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee were set up for the rest of the year.
 She finished up chapter invoices for September events.
 Jacque is also working on updating the Legislator Tax Guide.  
Executive: Our CEO, Chris, met with Carlos Phillips CEO of the Greenville Chamber of commerce to discuss SCACPA’s new All-Inclusive Business Membership Model. Other topics discussed included the need to tell the CPA story, methods to get CPAs in front of business owners, and a request for facility information.
Pee Dee chapter leaders met with Chris on Friday and are hard at work planning new and interesting Social Events. SCACPA leadership recognizes their commitment to change and applauds the efforts to make the local community stronger.  
Lisa McGee and Chris met with our website development partner to review progress on SCACPAs new ecommerce solution. Our goal with this solution is to maintain the familiar look and feel of the site while creating an easier path to find news and education. 
CPE: Our Professional Education Coordinator, Renee is hard at work setting up the remaining conferences for the year, as well as making sure all our CPE offerings are set up with materials, speakers, facilities, etc.
Chris had an initial discussion about ways SCACPA and NCACPA might collaborate on CPE in the future. SCACPA is testing new methods of CPE delivery with NCACPA this year and may look to expand these offering next year.
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff,  put the finishing touches on the student firm guide, monitored live stream events and has been working on graphics and signage for the upcoming conferences.
Anne, in Business Development added two new Members Exclusive Benefits! For more information on how to get your promo codes, click here. All About Gifts and Baskets is giving SCACPA members 10% off their purchase. Colonial Life Arena is offering members up to 7 dollars off tickets for the Harlem Globetrotters in January and the Monster Jam in February. 
Membership: We had 13 new members join us in the past two weeks! This team is also gearing up for our upcoming conferences to have a membership table set up at each of them. 

Communications: Our marketing and communication partner Splash Omnimedia was onsite Thursday working with SCACPA staff to build a communication plan for the All-Inclusive Membership Model. Our shared goal is that every member is aware of this exciting evolution and can prepare for the transition. 
Promoting the Profession: Our CFO, Jacque, talked to the AICPA regarding the Student Pilot Program and data exchange. 
Guests: Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP had a meeting in the conference room last Friday. 

WEEK OCT. 23-27

Operations: The Benefits Committee met on Thursday. There was also a conference call on the same day for the Jump$tart Board meeting.
Financial statements for the month of September were finalized. 
Executive: Our CFO, Jacque, attended the SC Finance Forum here in Columbia.
Board Members Cheryl, Clarence, Penny, Chuck and Chris attended the AICPA Leadership summit and Fall Council Meeting. The meeting covered several issues relating to the future of the accounting profession and general updates from the AICPA.
Our CEO, Chris, visited the Georgia Society of CPAs as a guest speaker at the GSCPA Board Retreat, the discussion revolved around the All-Inclusive business model.
The week concluded with a SCACPA Board meeting where the board reviewed feedback regarding the PIUs and All-inclusive business model.
CPE: Many members are finishing up their required hours for the year with our CPE! There were 39 CPE offerings in 4 locations across the state and online, totaling 419 people.
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff, made sure that all livestreamed classes we offered ran smoothly. He also worked diligently to improve brochure designs and finish our student firm guide publication. 
Membership: This team had a hand in everything this week. Multiple classes were offered at our office location in Cayce, so they took the time to talk with members and make sure they had everything they need for classes. There was also weekly editing and proofing of all communications that are sent to members. This includes, postcards, brochures, website articles, emails, and much more.
Guests: Our wonderful CLI class had their graduation and reception on Friday. We are so proud of the class and our five graduates of this intensive program. The CPA community is getting some very strong leaders!

WEEK OCT. 16-22

Operations: SCACPA’s Tax Committee met with the IRS and SCDOR. The Ed fund Trustees also met this week. 
Our Bookkeeper, Melissa, has been working with our CFO, Jacque, to cost all the September events we offered to prepare for financials.
The NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) High School members had an event to promote the profession and two of our members were presenters. 
Executive: Our CEO, Chris Jenkins, and Membership and Communications Manager, Lisa, were in Chicago where they worked to complete our new website and ecommerce system. The new system will create a new online CPE experience, enable users to find information quickly, and is 100% mobile enabled.
CPE: 43 classes were offered, and 199 people attended (including online) in 4 cities. 
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff, has been busy helping us transition to our new phone and internet system. He also helped set up two new computers for our CPE staff.
Membership: This week we have added four new members. We also researched possible new facilities for CPE classes next year and worked closely with marketing to ensure all newsletters and communications were sent out. This involves proofing and editing all types of communications we send to our members.
Guests: Moore Beauston & Woodham had a meeting in the conference room. 

WEEK OCT. 9-13 

Operations: There was a new Telephone and Internet system installed. August financials were prepared by our CFO, Jacque. 
The SCACPA team went to our local Harvest Hope Food Bank for the CPA Month of Service. We helped package food and water that will be distributed to the community. This was a wonderful experience, and we enjoyed volunteering with such an awesome organization.
Executive: CEO Chris Jenkins met with the SC Steering Committee hosted by EY in Greenville.  They discussed legislative priorities, federal and state tax updates.
There was a conference call with the AICPA about the student pipeline. 
Chris and the Membership Manager, Lisa, met with Peter Brews (Dean, Darla Moore School of Business) and Mark Cecchini (Chair, School of Accounting) to talk about how the University of South Carolina School of Business is preparing students for jobs of the future.
CPE: This week the CPE Team continues to plan logistics (hotel reservations for speakers, retaining caterers, menu selections, uploading e-materials) for our upcoming webinars, seminars and conferences.
Communications and Technology Assistant, Jeff, is editing a video highlighting and explaining our New Membership Model. He has also helped monitor our livestreaming events. 
Communications: This team gathered materials to distribute about our New Membership Model including, brochures, video and updates to our website. 
They are also working on an article about the USC School of Business meeting and how they are adapting for the future of the accounting profession.
Guests: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee had a meeting in the office. 

WEEK SEPT. 25-29  

Operations: Accounting system conversion began.

Professional Issues Updates: CEO Chris Jenkins and various staff members visited five locations across the state. We experienced record breaking turnout in some locations – Hilton Head (62 attendees), Charleston (217 attendees), Myrtle Beach (103 attendees), Florence (58 attendees) and Columbia (170 attendees).

CPE: SCACPA had 887 course participants attend 11 webinars, 5 Professional Issues Updates and 5 seminars. 

The CPE Team continues to plan logistics (hotel reservations for speakers, retaining caterers, menu selections, uploading e-materials) for our upcoming webinars, seminars and conferences.
Membership: Ten new members joined our CPA community!
The CPE Season is now in full swing – 278 people registered for events this week – many with the assistance of a SCACPA team member.

Guest(s): Schmoyer & Company booked the SCACPA classroom on Sept. 29.  It was great to have this firm on site and meet many of our members.

WEEK SEPT. 18-22 

CPE: SCACPA had 942 people taking seminars, webinars and conferences this week! We offered 52 courses in five SC cities and online. The CPE Team is working to finalize agendas for the Fall Conferences.  

Professional Issues Updates: CEO Chris Jenkins, Board Chair Cheryl Lang, CPE Coordinator Renee Allen-Joye and Membership Coordinator Jasmine Hoveyda have been touring the upstate.  The turn out for our PIUs this year has been outstanding - 79 in Rock Hill, 66 in Spartanburg and 194 in Greenville.  

Membership: We have six new members this week. 

Promoting the Profession: COO Jacque Curtin attended a NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) - Columbia Chapter event on Sat., Sept. 16 at Allen University.  Jacque was able to promote to CPA Profession to students from Benedict College, Vorhees College, Allen University, Claflin University and South Carolina State University. 

Partners: Business Development Coordinator Anne Ryan was able to bring in two new partners for the Association this month - CPA Charge and Kopis.  Anne has also been on the lookout for new potential partners and is looking for recommendations. 

New Staff: SCACPA welcomed two new staff members this week - Melissa (Book Keeping) and Jeff (Tech Support and Communications). 

WEEK SEPT. 11-15

Hurricane Irma: Prior to and with the arrival of Hurricane Irma SCACPA quickly maneuvered to support our members and SC businesses. We worked to ensure members had resources available to help themselves and clients for disaster preparedness and business continuity. We’ve been working with state and federal legislators to assess the impact to our membership and work towards resolutions. 

Professional Issues Updates: Staff and I have been working to put the finishing touches on the PIU content, and we’re excited to get out and see everyone at this year’s events. We want to thank our Chapter Officers and Chapter members in supporting SCACPA is bringing this event to the membership free of charge. PIUs are free to members and held statewide due to the generosity of our local chapters.

Firm Visits: CEO Chris Jenkins continued to visit firms to communicate the benefits of SCACPA and our future direction. "I want to thank all of the firm leadership that has taken the time to meet with me. Your feedback and support is appreciated," said Chris.  If you would like to schedule a firm visit please feel free to contact Chris at the SCACPA offices.

Conferences: Our fall conference lineup is coming together, expect to see updates about our fall conference line-up in your mailbox soon.

Promoting the Profession: SCACPA was fortunate to be able to attend the University of South Carolina’s Beta Alpha Psi Meet the Firms event on Sept. 13. It was great to meet so many future CPAs and see our members interact with future employees.
Membership: We had 21 new members join the Association, many of them from the SC DOR. Welcome new members!