All-Inclusive Membership Model


Together, we’re creating the future.
Focused on what you need today and what is to come.

SCACPA is the exclusive professional network for CPAs in South Carolina, and we’re stronger together. SCACPA is more than a membership, it’s a community.

Our community is 4,600 strong with diverse members, each with individual and specialized needs. Together we are a community with one voice, one vision and one mission. As we move into the future, we are working to create a stronger, more stable Association that will continue to offer you the maximum value for your membership year after year.

It’s with great excitement that the SCACPA Executive Board, Chapter Leaders and volunteers introduce an evolution in membership.


Over the past five years, SCACPA leaders have been evaluating and restructuring our business model, especially in the way we do CPE. Two years ago, we conducted a member survey and found that 85% of members believe CPE is the main benefit of membership. SCACPA had become a CPE vendor with a large portion of our revenue coming from CPE. Declining CPE participation, increased program costs and the perception that CPE was our primary benefit combined to create a significant threat to SCACPA’s future.

We realized there needs to be a shift in focus.

Our new All-Inclusive Membership Model elevates the foundation our Association built over the past 101 years. It maximizes the benefits of membership, enhances SCACPA’s relevancy in South Carolina and creates long-term sustainability.


This year at the PIUs, members were presented with the new membership model. Initial feedback represented over 1,700 members who were directly involved in the finalization of the All-Inclusive Membership Model. That represents 36% of membership or 48% of SCACPA’s paid membership. From discussions and survey results, we found 56% of members view the model favorably, 34% were cautious but accepting, and 10% opposed the change.

The All-Inclusive Membership Model is the result of collaboration among volunteers, feedback from past leaders, and numerous focus groups working together to strengthen your Association.

The vision you see today has gone through several iterations but has always remained focused on these core goals:

  • Delivering maximum value to members at minimum cost
  • Offering consistent and high-valued membership
  • Ensuring CPAs have a reliable source for professional tools and communications
  • Focusing specifically on South Carolina CPAs and their unique needs
  • Stabilizing the Ed Fund and SCACPA PAC to ensure future success
  • Reducing SCACPA’s dependence on CPE revenue

Ultimately, the Board chose the All-Inclusive Membership Model as the best path forward for four key reasons:

  • Transitions CPE from a revenue stream to benefit of membership
  • Ensures consistent value to members
  • Strengthens chapter membership
  • Draws more focus on core strategic goals

The All-Inclusive Membership Model has been approved to begin with the upcoming dues year, July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The SCACPA staff is working to ready the organization for the transition and communicate the value of the plan.

All-Inclusive Membership Model


All-Inclusive Membership ensures every member has access to all the benefits SCACPA has to offer.

Together we Advocate, Grow, Communicate, Educate, and Connect.

Pricing for All-Inclusive Membership is as follows:

  • Fellow members: $799 annually or $69.99 per month
  • Retired members pay $450 annually
  • Our commitment to free membership for lifetime members remains. However, it does not include CPE.
  • Lifetime members can purchase 40 hours of CPE for $450 or continue to purchase CPE at the member discounted rate just as they do today
All-Inclusive Membership Model

Through a partnership with our chapters, members who pay $799 will receive a one-time chapter discount of $99 for the first year, making your total expense $700.

When we compare the current membership model to the All-Inclusive Membership Model, we find 80% of our members will see an annual cost savings. Members who use 100% of the benefits could have annual savings that exceed 50%. Members begin seeing a cost savings in the All-Inclusive Membership Model after taking 15 hours of SCACPA CPE.

While All-Inclusive Membership is about overall value and not about CPE, we understand that CPE is an important part of your purchasing decision. A CPE schedule will be available for review before any dues billing occurs. Dues billing occurs in May, and the 2018-2019 membership year begins July 1, 2018. Members can begin using the 40 hours of CPE credit included in membership upon paying their dues.

All-Inclusive Membership is a bold step that responds to changes in the profession and our member’s needs. Transitioning CPE from a revenue stream to a member benefit adds value for our members and creates a far more flexible Association -- an Association focused on South Carolina CPAs, that grows stronger with every CPA in our community.