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November 14, 2016

TIGTA: IRS eAuthentication Process Doesn’t Do Enough to Deter Criminals

Lisa McGee Taxes/Regulatory
The IRS needs to step up security over its eAuthentication process to avoid breaches, such as the attack on the agency’s “Get Transcript” app last year when cyber criminals gained access to more than 700,000 taxpayer accounts,...
September 11, 2016

IRS Warns of New Attacks Focused on Tax Professionals

The IRS is warning tax professionals of a new wave of attacks that allow identity thieves to file fraudulent tax returns by remotely taking over practitioners’ computers. As part of the Security Summit effort, the IRS urged tax professionals...
September 8, 2016

Security Summit Warns Tax Pros

As part of the ongoing Security Summit efforts, the IRS has released a new YouTube video urging tax professionals to take the necessary steps toward guarding their data and protecting clients from identity theft.   The video featuring IRS...
July 26, 2016

New Fiduciary Rule

New Fiduciary Rule – Are You Ready? The Department of Labor has issued the final rule to address conflicts of interest of advisors to retirement plans.  What should you keep in mind with this new rule?   Some of the key provisions...
March 10, 2016

Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (2015 Path Act)

Congress has extended the "extenders," an assortment of more than 50 individual and business tax deductions, tax credits, and other tax-saving laws which are temporary because they have a specific end date. Most of the tax breaks expired at the end...
December 21, 2015

My First Tax Season ….. Party like it’s 1999

Tony Perricelli, CPA Taxes/Regulatory
1999 was the year of the “Y2K” bug and the cusp of a new millennium.  The Gamecocks did not win a single football game that year in Lou Holtz’s first season as head coach. The Friends were flying on high TV and the Star Wars...