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March 23, 2018

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Conformity Bill is Proposed; Senate Committee Works on Budget

The straight Conformity of bill H. 5162, introduced by House Ways and Means Chair Brian White, begins its path through debate in House committees. Also, the Senate Finance Committee started its work on the state budget. View from the Dome...
March 21, 2018

SC House Introduces Conformity Bill (H. 5162); Now is the Time to Act

A bill that extends full Conformity for South Carolina was introduced by House Ways and Means Committee Chair Brian White (R-Anderson) on Tuesday, March 20. The straight Conformity of H. 5162 begins its path through debate in House committees before...
March 16, 2018

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Details from House’s $8.2B Budget Proposal

SCACPA’s Advocacy team continues to track for progress in Conformity action during the legislative session. Clearly, there is growing support to do some version of Conformity, but no Conformity bill has been introduced. We know the...
March 9, 2018

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: As Session Reaches Halfway Point, Conformity Talks Continue

SCACPA’s Advocacy activities this past week were highlighted by CEO Chris Jenkins and Board member Ken Newhouse meeting with House Ways and Means Committee Chairman W. Brian White (R-Anderson). Conformity issues were discussed in detail, and we...
March 2, 2018

Legislative Update: Sales Tax Overhaul is Out; State Income Tax Reform is on the Move; Conformity Options Sought; View From the Dome

The House of Representatives Tax Policy Review Committee is putting to rest (for now) its recent proposal to reduce the statewide sales tax rate from 6% but which would require adding a 3% tax on professional services. While it stands a chance to be...
March 1, 2018

SCACPA Legislative Update: State’s $8.2B Budget Adopted; 3% Tax on Services Proposed

As part of our mission to be on the forefront of advocacy for South Carolina CPAs, the SCACPA Advocacy team is pressing forward on our messaging to legislators to take action on the state tax code’s Conformity to the Federal Tax Code. Because...