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April 6, 2018

News Roundup

Average SC Teacher’s Pay is $10,000 Below National Average The average teacher’s salary of $48,769 in South Carolina is about $10,000 below the national average and nearly $2,200 less than the 16-state Southeastern average, according to...
April 5, 2018

IRS: Deadline Nears for SC to Claim $12 Million in 2014 Refunds

The IRS is reminding more than 1 million taxpayers that time is running out to file a 2014 tax return and claim refunds totaling more than $1 billion. The IRS estimates that 12,000 South Carolina taxpayers could be eligible. With a median potential...
April 4, 2018

Spreadsheet Fatigue? Blockchain is on Path to Conquer Auditing

CPAs are on the verge of using blockchain technology to track a client’s physical assets and follow financial goods throughout their lifecycle. When auditors and clients can upload and analyze information simultaneously, supply chains can be...
April 3, 2018

Reports: SCANA Accountant Left Critical Voicemail as Warning for Santee Cooper

One of SCANA’s chief accountants left a five-minute voicemail warning in early 2016 to a key Santee Cooper employee that accused her utility's bosses of “mismanaging” the multibillion-dollar nuclear construction project and...
March 30, 2018

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Conformity Talks Set to Reopen After Furlough

The straight Conformity of bill H. 5162, introduced by House Ways and Means Chair Brian White, has begun its path through debate in House committees. However, all House business was on hold this past week as members were on Easter furlough. In a...
March 30, 2018

News Roundup

Senate’s Analysis: SCE&G Can Weather Lowered Nuclear Charges to Customers A study commissioned by the SC Senate shows South Carolina Electric & Gas can financially withstand a suspension to the $37 million it collects monthly from its...