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Originally published in SCACPA's CPA Report magazine

What made you choose to become a CPA?

After attempts at electrical engineering and computer science, I wanted to find something at which I could have some success. Seriously, I was required to take an accounting class for non-accounting majors. It concentrated mainly on the understanding of financial statements, as well as debits and credits. The professor of this class always went further with her presentations and explanations, so it was not just about the numbers. It was her passion that helped me to see the importance of a CPA and the difference a CPA could make in the business community. I wanted to be a part of that.

What do you enjoy most about being a CPA in the business and industry field? Least?
I feel that I am able to utilize more of the skills that I have developed during my career. I have more opportunities to combine my financial accounting skills with managerial accounting skills. I enjoy the challenges with making varied departments and their needs come together for one common purpose. I am relatively new to the business and industry area and my least favorite part is relative to my prior work experience. I spent the first portion of my career in public practice, and I developed strong bonds and relationships with clients during this time. I miss these relationships and those individuals that allowed me the opportunity to work with them.

How have you benefitted from your membership in SCACPA?
I have been able to work with some strong leaders in the profession. The networking with strong peers has helped develop my skills and abilities to better serve clients, my company and the accounting profession. I have gained some good insights on the ever changing accounting profession. SCACPA has afforded me opportunities to work with excellent mentors.

What advice do you have for young CPAs looking to enter the business & industry sector?
Prepare yourself to be challenged every day. The market place and economy changes quickly, and you must be ready for whatever happens. Seek out challenges and do not shy away from them. Going beyond your comfort zone will only help you to grow professionally.

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