Enjoy the Eclipse!

August 18, 2017

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The SCACPA building will be closed for the Eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, but employees are working remotely.

SCACPA phone lines will remain open and employees will be available to answer questions regarding membership and CPE registrations. Your call will be directed to an available employee or you may dial the direct extension of the person you wish to reach.

Is your firm or place of business planning to close on Monday? Take our poll and let us know! Also, we would love to see your photos and videos enjoying the eclipse. Feel free to share them with us on Facebook or send them to lmcgee@scacpa.org!

We hope everyone enjoys the eclipse safely!

803-791-4181 or 888-557-4814

Lauren Border 110

Jacque Curtin 108

Jasmine Hoveyda 105

Lisa McGee 106

Dominic Reeves 101

Anne Ryan 102

Alexa Stillwell 112

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