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June 11, 2017

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Achieve Your Goal of Becoming an Enrolled Agent

Thinking of becoming an enrolled agent? The IRS has created new sample test questions and answers to help you prepare for the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE). These sample questions provide test candidates with an understanding of the type of questions they may encounter on the SEE.

Why Repealing the State and Local Tax Deduction is so Hard

If you want to know how hard it will be for the Trump Administration and the House GOP leadership to pass a tax bill that substantially cuts rates without adding to the deficit, take a look at the politics of the individual income tax’s state and local tax deduction.

Why Bots are Only the Beginning for AI in Accounting

With the advent of chat bots and automated data-entry tools, using AI for accessing data is becoming more and more common between accountants. But the big questions accounting professionals are probably asking are: “What about the next game-changer AI innovations? And how will they impact me?”

FAQs About FASB’s New Leases Standard

It’s been over a year since FASB issued its new standard on accounting for leases. Although the standard will not be effective until 2019, entities have already begun raising implementation issues. Deloitte offers its perspective and addresses FAQs.

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