News Roundup

June 2, 2017

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New rule gradually bringing corporate tax breaks to light

Want to know how much money governments give away in corporate tax breaks? Good luck. But a major accounting shift taking place across the U.S. now is changing things.

IIA guidance digs into big data risks, opportunities

Big data represents both a growing risk and a growing resource for internal auditors, prompting the Institute of Internal Auditors to offer some new guidance meant to help auditors address it and leverage it.

If you pay ransom, write it off on your taxes

If you pay hackers ransom to keep your business operating, is it tax deductible? Whether personal or business, it probably is, although the type of deduction can vary.

Most estate plans aren't dealing with digital assets properly

The need for estate planning for digital assets has rendered many of the existing estate plans, wills and trusts in the United States ill-equipped to handle the full range of an individual's assets.

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