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October 26, 2015

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We often hear technology vendors make a promise of making life easier, in many cases the solution falls short of the promise. MileIQ is the exception, this simple app saves time and does make life easier. I've been using MileIQ for about three months, and I haven't found a downside. MileIQ is an app for your smartphone that tracks your mileage automatically. The app runs in the background and recording each drive you make. When you have time, you can quickly categorize these trips into a personal or business category.

To move a drive into the personal category simply swipe to the right, and business swipe to the left. You can personalize MileIQ with your specific mileage rate, your working hours, and multiple vehicles. If you require specific reporting, you can even define custom purposes and categorize your drives. MileIQ then gives you the ability to request a mileage report with full details by month, or annually. MileIQ emails the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

A web portal is also available where you can review and modify drives, or correct a drive if you accidentally swiped the wrong way. MileIQ is free to try but is very limited in its free version. Without a subscription, it will only track your first 40 drives. A paid subscription runs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year for unlimited drive tracking. They also have a special offer for CPAs offering a 3-month trial and a 20% discount to your clients.

In my opinion MileIQ is worth a look, it has worked well and decreased my frustration in documenting my mileage. MileIQ Offer For Accountants - MileIQ Website -

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