President Trump’s spending plan for the 2018 fiscal year includes $85 million for construction projects at two South Carolina military bases.

In addition, the Trump administration is asking Congress to give the go-ahead to a new round of base closings. The last round in 2005 proved to be a major boost for Midlands bases as new missions were added or expanded at the installations, adding more than 1,000 jobs.

The $547.5 billion Defense Department spending plan, released May 23, provides $60 million for the first phase of a new reception battalion project at Fort Jackson, the largest training post for soldiers entering the U.S. Army.

The project involves construction of a dining facility, as well as a facility where troops are issued uniforms, lawn equipment buildings and renovation of an existing facility.

At Shaw Air Force Base, the Army is seeking $25 million to construct a mission training complex to support U.S. Army Central headquartered at the Sumter base.

The budget request stated that the Pentagon is aiming for another round of base closings to start in the 2021 fiscal year. The military, which has advocated since 2013 for Congress to approve a base realignment and closure (BRAC) process, claims that recent reductions in personnel and modernization of equipment has led to as much as 20% excess capacity “spread across the military departments,” the documents said. The Pentagon estimates BRAC could produce an annual $2 billion or more in savings by 2027, according to the documents.

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