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April 23, 2017

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Robots Are Coming to the Accounting Industry — Here's How to Prepare

As impressive and powerful as new technologies and machines are — and they’re becoming more so all the time — one blogger says they’re an opportunity to be embraced by accountants.

Services with a (CFO) Smile

The payoffs from a hybrid business model are easy to envision: plumper margins, clingier customers, and value-added offerings that incite a trickle, then a stampede, of customer interest. What’s tougher to foresee are the delicate strategic maneuvers needed to control such a two-headed model.

Charitable Giving: It’s Not Just About Taxes

Taxes have always been a secondary component of the charitable giving process and now may be less critical than ever before. As tax planning has become less relevant, personal goals and the role of the adviser have gained in importance.

GAO Proposes Revisions to Government Auditing Standards

Multiple requirements in Government Auditing Standards would change under revisions proposed by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The proposed changes to the Yellow Book are designed to reflect major developments in the auditing, accountability, and financial management professions, emphasizing specific considerations that apply to the government environment.

Stephen Colbert Pranks H&R Block Customers

Stephen Colbert has assumed a variety of personas during his comic career. Recently on his late night show a new, sort of tax-focused character appeared. Hello Otto Sanchez, hoax H&R Block tax professional. As the company itself asked on its Facebook page, what could go wrong?

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