Jimmy Addison, CPA
SCANA, Columbia

When Jimmy Addison first joined SCANA as controller he thought he would be with the organization no more than five years.  That was 23 years ago. In that time, he has held five positions each lasting about five years.

In addition to controller, Addison has led the IT group, served as vice president of finance and for the past eight years as CFO.  The first five years were before the nuclear expansion and the last three while SCANA has been building its new nuclear facilities. So, while the title may have remained the same the CFO role changed considerably.

Previously, the role was primarily focused internally whereas now he spends a significant amount of time communicating with investors, credit rating agencies, regulators, etc. There is rarely a day like the one before, or after, which he enjoys.

Addison is responsible for leading the finance functions of new nuclear, accounting, tax, treasury, risk management, planning, investor relations, insurance and regulatory affairs plus the information technology group.

He attributes his successful career to communications, teamwork, a strong work ethic and a desire to get things done.  Addison says he is privileged to have an outstanding team of leaders that afford him the opportunity to focus on his responsibilities external to the organization. Although business and industry may not be right for everyone Addison finds it quite rewarding.

“I’m very appreciative of the foundational skills I learned as a CPA but I came to a point that I didn't enjoy it as much. I was getting bored. Contrast that to a leadership role where you might have half of the information you would like to make an important decision and you have a very different feel. Some would say no thank you but for me that's the reward,” he explained.

For CPAs looking to move into business, Addison advises them to take small steps.

“Our profession does a fantastic job of providing a stepping stone career for you to get your feet wet in a leadership role. Usually you can keep your hands in the work itself while leading a small team. After a few years of moving into progressive leadership roles you will know if it’s right,” he said.

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