A new survey shows that millennials are turning to their parents for help filing their taxes.

According to the survey, conducted by ORC International, found that 37% of millennials relies on their parents at least in part for tax help. In addition, young men are more likely to rely on parents for tax help than their female counterparts.

Forty-four percent of male millennials said they've turned to their parents for tax assistance, substantially more than the 31% of young adult women who got tax help from mom and dad.

Trust was a big factor in turning to the 'rents for tax help. The survey found that 41% of millennials don't believe that do-it-yourself tax software always acts in the taxpayer's best interest.

Part of that distrust likely was colored by the 27% of millennials who reported feeling lured into a tax-filing solution, only to be charged later for specific features and services.

Older filers, however, have more confidence in the computer-based tax preparation help. Their responses helped pull the overall number of filers who feel that DIY tax software companies act in taxpayers' best interest up to 59% overall.

Two-thirds of survey respondents said they didn't realize that tax filing software programs raise their prices throughout tax season.

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