April 3, 2017

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3 Reasons Why Offering Subscription Accounting Makes Sense for Your Practice

Rather than leaning on the flexibility of your hourly-based a la carte services, what if you could set up your practice in such a way that all your clients paid you steadily – month over month, year over year?

Which State Has the Highest Corporate Income Tax Rate?

The United States’ top federal statutory corporate income tax rate of 39.1% now ranks as the highest in the world, according to a new report released by the Congressional Budget Office on March 8. But state taxes play a role in that percentage, too.

More Than Half of Small-Business Owners Don't Want to Retire

Retirement isn’t necessarily a desired career outcome for many U.S. small-business owners. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index finds that if money were no object, 53% of the nation's small-business owners would continue working full- or a part-time. Only 25% say they would retire completely.

How AI, Cloud, and Robots Will Revolutionize SMB Accounting

Robots, cloud software and artificial intelligence are all things that accountants fear will make them irrelevant. But the truth is the real future of accounting and technology isn’t a technological advancement.

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