The PCAOB’s database created to identify engagement partners overseeing public company audits is growing, with engagement partners on about 175 public company audits now identified.

“AuditorSearch” is the serial-marked public database created by the PCAOB to assemble audit firm filings of Form AP. After years of effort to pull back the curtain and reveal who oversees public company audits, the PCAOB adopted a requirement for audit firms to file Form AP at the completion of each public company engagement to provide the name of engagement partners as well as information on others from outside the principal audit firm who contributed to the audit effort.

Audit firms are required to file Form AP to name engagement partners for audit reports issued on or after Jan. 31, 2017. Firms have another six months after that date before they are required to provide information on other accounting firms that participated in the audit. As a result, the database so far contains only engagement partner information. Firms are required to file Form AP with the PCAOB within 35 days of an audit report being filed with the SEC.

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