Cybercriminals are targeting the tax professional community more and more as the IRS becomes more effective on the fight against refund fraud. Cybercriminals are sending scam emails or hacking into your systems to get their hands on valid social security numbers and names. The cybercriminals then use that information to file false tax returns.

To be prepared and to stay on top of this problem, the IRS is asking that you review and monitor your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) accounts throughout the filing season. Your PTIN and EFIN accounts will show you the number of tax returns processed under your identification number.

If you suspect misuse or unexplained increases in the number of returns processed with your EFIN, contact the e-Help Desk at 866.255.0654.

If you suspect misuse or unexplained increases in the number of returns processed with your PTIN, please complete and submit Form 14157, Complaint: Tax Return Preparer, to the IRS.

Steps to Monitor your PTIN:

  • Visit and log into your PTIN account
  • From the Main Menu, find “Additional Activities”
  • Under Additional Activities, select “View Returns Filed Per PTIN”
  • A chart labeled ‘Returns Per PTIN’ should appear
  • A count of individual income tax returns filed and processed in the current year will be displayed if you must have:

    A professional credential (Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, Attorney, Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent or Enrolled Actuary) or are an Annual Filing Season Program participant

    At least 50 tax returns from the Form 1040 series processed in the current year.

For more information, visit Tax Tip 11.

Steps to Monitor your EFIN:

  • Visit and click on ‘Access to e-Services’
  • Click on ‘Login or Register’
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click on ‘Application’ link
  • Click on ‘e‐file Application’ link
  • Click on ‘EFIN Status’

To see examples of screen shots, click here.

For more information, see Fact Sheet-2015-27.

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